Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

In order to achieve the company’s objectives, it is essential that MPC Container Ships is trusted by society. As a corporation, we must be able to efficiently manage the challenges and requirements society imposes on our activities.

Corporate responsibility shall be reflected in our core values, in the quality of our work and services, and in our entire range of activities. There must be coherence between what we say and what we do. MPC Container Ships shall:

  • operate our business with integrity and respect laws, different cultures and human dignity;
  • operate our business in accordance with fundamental human rights as enshrined in the United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights and follow the standards of the International Labour Organization, which are guiding principles encouraged and implemented by the European Union;
  • show consideration for the local communities which we are a part of, the environment in which we operate, and emphasise spin-off effects of our activities;
  • contribute to learning and distribution of knowledge;
  • establish long-term working relationships and utilise our business expertise for the further development of the industry in which we operate; and
  • meet public authorities and customers with insight, respect and understanding and in an open and appropriate manner, and treat suppliers impartially and justly.

For the comprehensive description of MPC Container Ships’ corporate social responsibility, please refer to our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement, prepared in accordance with the Norwegian Accounting Act § 3-3c on social responsibility reporting.


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