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Debt Information

Gross debt

Cash and cash equivalents

Net debt

Leverage ratio

Number of vessels

Debt-free vessels

FacilityTypeOutstandingTotal capacityInterest rate#VesselsRepayment profileMaturity
HCOBRCFUSD 0mUSD 99m295bps + SOFR13Commitment will be reduced starting in Mar 2024 – Dec 2027Dec. 2027
CA-CIBPre- & Post-delivery financeUSD 15.9mUSD ~100m150 – 250bps + SOFR248x USD 1.1m + 8x USD 2.4m, 4x USD 1.4m, followed by subsequent instalments (to be agreed by borrower and lender)Q2 2031
Ostfriesische  Volksbank (OVB)Term LoanUSD 4.4mUSD 8.3m350bps + SOFR1May 31, 2023 & Aug 31, 2023: quarterly installments of USD 1.4m Nov 30, 2023: quarterly installments of USD 0.69m Feb 29, 2024ff.: quarterly installments of USD 0.37mFeb. 2027
HCOB-EcofeederTerm LoanUSD 48.3mUSD 50m300bps + SOFR520 x quarterly installments of USD  1.2m + USD 26m balloonOct. 2028
BoCommSale & Lease backUSD 61.0mUSD 75m260bps + SOFR1212x monthly installments of USD 2.1m, 12x USD 1.2m, 24x USD 0.3m + USD 28.1m balloonSep. 2027
Deutsche Bank 1)Pre- & Post- delivery financeUSD 0mUSD ~54.5m<250bps + SOFR223 x semi-annual installments of 3.33% + 23.34% balloon 2036

Data as of Q1 2024
1)  Loan Agreement signed