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MPC Container Ships in Brief

MPC Container Ships ASA, a prominent player in the global container shipping industry, has a rich history with extensive shipping experience rooted in its founding shareholder and sponsor, MPC Münchmeyer Petersen Capital AG (MPC Capital). Since its inception in April 2017, MPC Container Ships has undergone rapid growth to become one of the world's leading container tonnage providers. The company has been listed on the main list of the Oslo Stock Exchange since May 2018 under the ticker symbol "MPCC."

MPC Container Ships takes a modern approach to container shipping, centered around a commitment to transparency in communications, a strong dedication to sustainable practices and ESG principles, and rational capital allocation principles. With significant experience and expertise in vessel management we are a strong industry partner. Additionally, our streamlined cost structure reinforces our ability to operate efficiently while maintaining superior operational standards.

Operational excellence forms the backbone of our strategy, and we are committed to continuous portfolio optimization, underscored by our fleet renewal strategy and sustainability initiatives. Moreover, our robust balance sheet enables us to weather industry fluctuations and invest in the future.

Our capital allocation principles are clear and rational, geared towards maximizing shareholder returns while managing risks. These principles guide our decisions in strategic investments, adopting a selective approach to ensure they align with our long-term vision and shareholder value. Our business philosophy embraces market consolidation, differentiating us from small owner-operators in the industry, and we prioritize building and maintaining a high-quality customer base, emphasizing investment-grade partnerships over numerous small counterparties.

Guided by our values and our purpose to pursue conscious change in the container shipping industry, our mission is to seize opportunities to create long-term value and propel change in the maritime industry with our own capital, new ideas, analytical skills, and a broad network.


Our determination arises from our passion and commitment for what we do.

  • We develop new and innovative ideas and are always ready to break new ground to achieve our goals.
  • We take ownership of our tasks and we do not give up.
  • We grow with new challenges, assume responsibility, and have the courage to make decisions.
  • We accept failures and use the knowledge gained for continuous improvement.


Mindful stands for respectful and conscious actions.

  • We act with respect for the world we are living in, carefully selecting projects and partners.
  • We place sustainability at the core of our business decisions, while consciously dealing with and actively managing risk.
  • We are considerate, we make time for and treat each other and our partners with mutual respect and appreciation.
  • For us, trust and transparency are vital factors for a successful internal and external cooperation.


Enthusiasm for us means inspiration and motivation.

  • We inspire each other and our partners to take on challenging topics and projects.
  • Approaching every task with drive and optimism creates a unique spirit that leads us to success.
  • We firmly believe enjoying what we do is the key to job satisfaction.

Our Approach to Operational Excellence

MPC Container Ships employs a diverse team of approximately 30 industry professionals covering all critical functions essential to our operations. We also have more than 1,000 seafarers serving aboard our vessels. Our seafarers make our operations possible enabling the seamless transportation of goods across the globe.  While we sub-contract commercial and technical ship management and crewing services to third-party providers, we maintain rigorous oversight and accountability for their performance, ensuring quality and efficiency in our services.

Our operations extend across three key locations: Oslo, Norway; Hamburg, Germany; and Rhoon, The Netherlands. These strategically positioned offices support our commitment to delivering exceptional services to our global clientele.

MPC Container Ships' vessels are chartered out on fixed-rate contracts with a specific focus on intra-regional trade lanes. Intra-regional services play a pivotal role in connecting major ports on intercontinental shipping lanes with smaller, regional ports. Our vessels are chartered to global liner shipping companies and regional carriers.

Committed to Shareholder Value Creation

As part of our objective to maximize shareholder returns, we maintain a commitment to distributing quarterly recurring dividends equal to 75% of the adjusted profit for the period, declared at the discretion of the Board. You can find further information on our listing, dividends, and other capital market-related details in our dedicated Investors section.

We follow clear and rational capital allocation principles, geared towards maximizing shareholder returns while managing risks. Operating at a low leverage, these principles guide our investment decisions, adopting a selective approach to ensure they align with our vision and support long-term shareholder value.

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Fleet Strategy

MPC Container Ships' fleet strategy is aimed at supporting the long-term sustainability and robustness of our fleet operations. Anchored in rational capital allocation principles, our investments are strategically tailored to maximize shareholder returns while operating at a low leverage, and we prioritize acquiring vessels with low residual value exposure.

Our active fleet management includes continuous retrofitting to ensure continued competitiveness and foster sustainable development, in line with our commitment to sustainable practices and ESG principles. This strategic framework aligns with our mission to seize opportunities to create long-term value and propel change in the maritime industry with our own capital, new ideas, analytical skills, and a broad network.

Fleet Renewal

MPC Container Ships is committed to optimizing the performance and sustainability of our fleet while reducing our carbon footprint. As part of our fleet renewal strategy, we have executed on attractive market opportunities, including the acquisition of five modern eco-vessels with premium earning capabilities and highly efficient tonnage in 2023, providing significant trading benefits under new environmental regulations.

In 2022, we ordered two 5,500 TEU wide beam eco-design newbuildings and two 1,300 TEU dual-fuel methanol newbuildings, all of which are scheduled for delivery in 2024..

In January 2023, we also extended our relationship with the German e-fuel company INERATEC and signed the industry’s first offtake agreement for synthetic marine diesel oil (MDO), which will be a key component to reducing CO2 emissions and making climate neutrality possible.

Our partnerships with like-minded organizations are an integral part of our sustainable growth strategy. These efforts reflect our commitment to optimizing our fleet for performance, sustainability, and shareholder returns while also reducing our carbon footprint.

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Sustainability and ESG Commitment

At MPC Container Ships, sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are fundamental to our mission. We envision sustainable container shipping connecting the world's ports to meet people's needs. We are committed to creating long-term value and driving positive, sustainable change within the maritime industry.

Our corporate responsibility is rooted in our core values of determination, mindfulness, and enthusiasm. Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond words and it is reflected in the quality of our work and services.

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Our Vision for the Future

Incorporating a strategic focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, MPC Container Ships continuously invests in sustainability efforts, fleet renewal, and innovative technologies. We are proud to be at the forefront of sustainable shipping, with investments in eco-designed and dual-fuel newbuildings, among other initiatives.

Our commitment to shareholder returns is unwavering. As we have historically, we will continue to leverage our strong experience, market position, agile business model, and financial flexibility to evaluate and seize opportunities, ensuring we remain a leading force in the container shipping industry while delivering sustainable value to our dedicated shareholders.

As we navigate towards a cleaner, greener future for our seas and planet, MPC Container Ships remains dedicated to environmental stewardship and positive change within the maritime industry.