As a globally active shipping company, MPC Container Ships considers the creation of share- and stakeholder value as the core purpose of our business activities. Yet, we believe, that the ability to create long-term sustainable value lies in linking economic and financial advancements with environmental, social and governance propositions and thus following the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Adapting to the future and changing environment of our business and the general market as well as preparing for the challenges that those developments imply, is the key element of our long-term business strategy.  Our mission is to future-proof our business and create stakeholder value through:

  • Being a professional and positive workplace with an inclusive working environment. Health and safety of our employees are always the main priority.
  • Supporting collective climate ambitions and leverage industry networks to accelerate change.
  • Valuing professional, transparent, and fair business relationships by acting as a transparent and trustworthy business partner.

In order to set the appropriate guidelines and provide clear frameworks for all actions and measures MPCC undertakes in this regard, eight policies have been established that manifest our endeavors to managing our fleet in an efficient and responsible way. The policies cover the following topics:


  • Sustainability
    Adopting a long-term perspective in our business strategy and decision making, that is taking economic and ecological aspects equally into account.
  • Sustainable Procurement
    Throughout our procurement activities, we duly consider sustainable practices by the supplier and look to work with those who share similar values with us.
  • Environmental
    Reducing our footprint to maintain the marine environment is a key priority for us.
  • Ship Recycling
    Carrying out all recycling of vessels in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and prioritize the safeguarding of the environment and human health and safety when recycling vessels. 


  • Health and Safety
    We operate our business in a manner designed to protect the health and safety of our employees, seafarers, customers, public and the environment with due regard to safety requirements.
  • Human Capital
    Utilizing our flat organizational structure to create an inclusive working environment and to ensure that our employees are offered personal development, guidance, and motivation.


  • Anti-Corruption
    We do not tolerate active corruption (attempts to bribe others) or passive corruption (allowing oneself to be bribed) including our agents and representatives.
  • Human Rights
    We acknowledge the impact we have on our business partners as well as indirectly on their subcontractor and the resulting responsibility going along with it.

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