Dividend Policy

In support of its objective of maximizing returns to shareholders, MPC Container Ships’ intention is to pay regular dividends by way of distributing 75% of Net Profits after considering CAPEX and working capital requirements, including liquidity reserves and one-off effects. Dividends will be declared or proposed by the Board at the sole discretion of the Board and will depend upon the financial position, earnings, debt covenants, distribution restrictions, capital requirements and other factors related to MPC Container Ships and its subsidiaries. The Company cannot guarantee that its Board will declare or propose dividends in the future. Furthermore, the Company may make event driven distributions based on non-recurring proceeds, such as vessel sales, by way of extraordinary dividends or share buybacks, to be applied according to the Board's discretion.

Dividend & Cash Distribution History

Announcement dateTypeCash distribution per shareEx-dividendRecordPayment 
02.02.2022Event drivenUSD 0.34 / NOK 307.02.202208.02.202210.02.2022
24.02.2022RecurringUSD 0.11 / NOK 0.948924.03.202225.03.202230.03.2022
19.05.22RecurringUSD 0.13 / NOK 1.296023.06.202224.06.202229.06.2022
19.05.22Event drivenUSD 0.03 / NOK 0.299123.06.202224.06.202229.06.2022
18.08.22RecurringUSD 0.15 / NOK 1.565022.09.202223.09.202229.09.2022
18.08.22Event drivenUSD 0.04 / NOK 0.417322.09.202223.09.202229.09.2022

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