MPCC in Numbers

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All figures in USD million if not otherwise stated202020192018
MPCC in Numbers
Operating revenues 171,898184,743183,483
EBITDA 16,16425,25245,268
Profit/Loss after taxes -64,491-39,736-1,599
Ownership days 21,61621,90019,279
Trading days 19,37719,38017,318
Average Time Charter Equivalent (per day) 8,1028,8859,911
Average Operating Expenses (per day) 4,9185,005
Equity ratio (%) 56.557.263.6
Leverage ratio (%) 40.838.934.3
All figures in USD million if not otherwise statedQ2 2021Q1 2021Q4 2020Q3 2020Q2 2020Q1 2020Q4 2019Q3 2019Q2 2019Q1 2019Q4 2018Q3 2018Q2 2018Q1 2018
MPCC in Numbers
Operating revenues 68,82554,87745,57341,19439,09546,03644,22746,04447,81546,65752,48955,79946,93528,260
EBITDA 31,90622,2574,5292,6871,4247,5244,8474,4518,0774,7489,48414,57213,2607,953
Profit/Loss after taxes 11,9863,487-18,381-17,785-17,578-10,747-14,151-11,435-6,439-7,711-5,0541,1791,773502
Ownership days 5,1215,1825,2975,3995,4605,4605,5205,5205,4605,4005,6125,4434,9763,247
Trading days 4,8965,0895,0455,0164,5454,7724,8904,6954,9634,8314,8714,9944,4942,958
Average Time Charter Equivalent (per day) 13,43710,5028,1157,4127,9388,9698,5058,7189,0719,2409,99110,2309,8419,352
Average Operating Expenses (per day) 5,3775,2245,2514,9054,9014,6244,8445,1215,1725,2744,9275,1445,2384,810
Equity ratio (%) 58.856.256.557.155.556.657.259.361.563.363.663.863.666.2
Leverage ratio (%) 37.741.140.839.139.938.938.938.235.834.334.333.934.531.8

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