June 29, 2020

Extraordinary General Meeting, June 2020

Notice of extraordinary general meeting:

MPC Container Ships ASA (the "Company") hereby calls for an extraordinary general meeting in the Company to be held on 13 July at 12:00 hours (CEST) by electronic means. The notice is attached hereto and made available on the Company's website at https://www.mpc-container.com/.

The Company has initiated a refinancing process to secure the Company's financing and liquidity going forward, and the extraordinary general meeting is being convened in this respect to approve a private placement of new shares, grant of authorisations, inter alia, to carry out a subsequent repair offering and to issue convertible debt, as well as a reverse share split, as further detailed in the attached notice.


Due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, the meeting will be conducted only as a virtual meeting, accessible online via Lumi AGM. All shareholders will be able to participate in the meeting, vote and ask questions, from smartphones, tablets or desktop devices. Please refer to the enclosed guide for further information regarding the electronic participation.

In order to attend the virtual extraordinary general meeting, shareholders need access to the Lumi solution by either (i) downloading the Lumi AGM app from Apple Appstore or Google Play Store, or (ii) visiting the Lumi website at the following address: https://web.lumiagm.com.

After downloading the Lumi app or opening the Lumi website, shareholders must enter the "Meeting ID" 127-544-725, and click "Join".

Shareholders must identify themselves by individual user names and passwords which will be sent to the shareholders together with the notice. Shareholders can already now log in and vote in advance or give authorization to the Chairman of the Board of Directors or another person prior to the extraordinary general meeting. Further, shareholders can log in while the general meeting is being held and overrule their previous voting.

Shareholders that are prevented from participating in the virtual general meeting may be represented by proxy and may vote in advance. Voting in advance and granting of proxy must be registered online through Lumi's solution or by sending an e-mail to genf@dnb.no by 10 July 2020 at 16:00 hours (CEST).

Proxies without voting instructions may trigger disclosure requirements under Norwegian law. Under Section 4-3 (2) of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act, the possession of a proxy without voting instructions is considered equal to ownership of shares or rights to shares. This means that a proxy is required to disclose the proxies if the number of shares to which they relate (together with any shares or rights to shares held by the proxy) reaches or exceeds the disclosure thresholds under Section 4-3 (1) of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.

If shares are held through a nominee, cf. Section 4-10 of the Norwegian Public Limited Liability Companies Act, and the beneficial owner wishes to attend the general meeting, whether in person or by proxy, the beneficial owner must transfer the shares to a VPS account in the name of the beneficial owner prior to the date of the general meeting. Shareholders who do this are asked to send an e-mail to genf@dnb.no and request their username and password for Lumi login. Shareholders who have acquired shares after this notice was sent can obtain a username and password from genf@dnb.no.

Further information and contact:

For further information, please contact ir@mpc-container.com.

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5 -12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act. 

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